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Japan is situated in north eastern Asia between the North Pacific and the Sea of Japan.
The area of Japan is 377,873 square kilometers, nearly equivalent to Germany and Switzerland combined or slightly smaller than California. Japan consists of four major islands, surrounded by more than 4,000 smaller islands.
Shown below are the four major islands, their locations and sizes.Japan offers a full range of entertainment, both classic and modern. From the mysterious Oriental symbolism of the Noh drama to Western music concerts of all genres, there are no lacks of options to keep you constantly on the whirl while visiting Japan. The nation’s rich artistic heritage has been preserved in shrine and temple treasure houses and through the private collections of royalty, Daimyo (feudal lords) and wealthy merchants for hundreds of years, and is now available in numerous public and private museums.

In a country that manufactures a large percentage of the entire world’s consumer goods, and that structures its entire national existence around the marketplace, it is no surprise that shopping takes up a goodly proportion of most visitors’ time. The Japanese themselves love shopping, and look upon a visit to the big department stores in the major cities as recreation.For consumer electronics, the Akihabara district in Tokyo is the first place you should visit. An amazing variety of consumer electronics can be found hereVisiting Flea Markets (Nomi-no-ichi) Known as “nomi-no-ichi”, flea markets are held invarious parts of Japan, with a wide range, varieties and prices — from extremely expensive antiques to inexpensive souvenir items. Dealing in old tableware, cloths, furniture and sundry goods, these markets also attract many foreigners.

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The Perfect Stopover
The perfect stopover, business destination or a fantastic holiday experience, Korea is situated half way between Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Fathom Asia has many stopover experiences from very short tours to extended tours staying in all types of accommodation to suit all pockets. Be fresh, stopover in Korea.

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