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Korea is a country of contrasts.
The distinct seasons and colours of spring, summer, autumn and winter, show off the country of Korea at it’s best. Sites of dwellings dating from 6,000 BC compete for your attention against UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage listed temples and buildings in Gyeongju while the child in us all plays in the modern theme parks of Lotte World, Everland and Gyeongju World, where amusement parks, movie theatres, department stores, and convention centres showcase modern technology and construction.Korea a country of tradition, culture and temples 
The calm and timeless qualities of Buddhist Temples are a counterpoint to the speed and pace of the Seoul City underground. Traditional tea houses and stalls with ginseng, traditional remedies and kimchi rub shoulders with markets selling electronic equipment. Technology manufacturers contrast with the traditional arts of painting, calligraphy, kite making and ceramics.And all the things to do outdoors 
Outdoor activities range from sight seeing, through birdwatching, trekking, diving, walking, golf, horse riding and whitewater rafting just to name a few and with 13 ski resorts within a 3 to 4 hour drive from Seoul, skiing is a major winter activity. Late November to early March is the ski season and world class facilities provide for beginners through to experts. Korea is the perfect destination in all seasons.

Short breaks and stays in Korea are sure to involve shopping and Seoul is a shopper’s paradise. From a tailor-made suit to designer fashion, department stores to markets, discounters to arts and crafts. Specialist markets in antiques, fashion, sporting, gardening, technology, crafts and anything and everything between. The variety in range, price and quality is stunning and the absence of high pressure sales tactics makes shopping a pleasure throughout Korea.

Try your hand at the local arts, crafts and cooking 
History and culture are both alive and preserved with historic and traditional buildings still sheltering traditional lifestyles and activities. Participation through Buddhist Temple retreats, Taekwondo training, tea making ceremonies, kimchi making, Korean culinary arts and pottery making encourage visitors to not only see Korean culture and activities in action, but to participate and take home experiences as well as photos.

The DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) 
Travel from Seoul to the Demilitarised Zone where current day political differences meet. To visit the actual border, choose a tour with JSA (Joint Security Area) in the title.

If you wish to actually visit North Korea, choose from the many tours available. These all commence from Beijing as entry into North Korea from South Korea is not possible at the current time.

The Fathom Asia Programmes 
Fathom Asia programmes enable visitors to Korea to indulge in as much or as little as their time allows. From Seoul stop-over visits to extended touring, from short business trips to major conventions and expos, from fully guided experiences to independent travel, from budget to luxury. Whatever your travelling needs and expectations, Fathom Asia is about ensuring you see, experience and fall in love with Korea. Fathom Asia is now the acknowledged expert for travel to Korea. Try somewhere different and take your holiday in ‘Sparkling Korea’

The Perfect Stopover 
The perfect stopover, business destination or a fantastic holiday experience, Korea is situated half way between Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Fathom Asia has many stopover experiences from very short tours to extended tours staying in all types of accommodation to suit all pockets. Be fresh, stopover in Korea.