Welcome to Taiwan

Taiwan is a fabulous and under-estimated country. The scenery is magnificent, the culture is totally mesmeric and the whole experience of visiting Taiwan is one that will be remembered for years. Take in the countryside from Sun Moon Lake and Alishan where the famous Oolong tea is grown, to the Taroko Gorge and the southern sub tropical regions of this highly accessible island. Getting around using public transport is a dream and the shopping and food experiences are fantastic.Fathom Asia is a travel wholesale company specialising in North East Asia. We have great products and services in Korea, Taiwan, Japan and other Asian Destinations. Dare to be different! Fathom Asia offers the most professional and indepth service and product availability. Our services include: Tours, stopovers, hotels, stopover tours, transfers, meet and greet and a host of itineraries to meet you and your clients needs. We are 100% independently Kiwi owned with our experienced staff having travelled extensively throughout Asia. We can offer the best advice about products and service within this great region. For further information enquiries or and reservations, please email us at enquiries@fathomasia.com